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We believe that your website needs to speak to your customers on a personal level. That your identity & reputation is just as important as your bottom line. And that none of this should come with astronomical corporate pricing, miles of red tape, or indecipherable tech jargon.

Welcome to MJZ Studios

We are a full-service design and development studio experienced in web design, web development, logos & branding, marketing, and custom graphics. With our wide range of expertise, we have the knowledge and creativity to solve any challenge you need. We will see your project through from concept to completion...and beyond.

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Here's what our clients are saying

We sat down and discussed ideas on how to achieve the site I wanted. He listened to my thoughts and guided me toward a site that made sense from both an aesthetic and back end functionality standpoint. Mark answered every question I had without going into every detail. He seemed to understand how much to explain so I would understand but not be bored to death. Mark offered creative ideas for layout, color schemes, and copy that helped bring my/our vision to life. As web designs evolve, I'll be going back and hoping he has time to work his magic again."Budd Moyer - Owner, Rosebud Entertainment

Business owners need strategic partners who understand the multiple operational elements of what they do. Mark, with a broad and well-rounded background, uses intelligence and business savvy to find technology inflection points that synchronize a company’s professional disciplines with the pulse of the global community."Kevin J. Palmer, Managing Partner, SMA Institute

Mark has done graphic design work for me on many projects. He always surpasses my expectations. His creative and technical skills are excellent. Additionally, I have learned that Mark is an excellent writer. He has offered some wording suggestions for marketing pieces that have truly improved the impact. Lastly, I have been very pleased by Mark's ability to understand and interact with other members of the team. He is a great asset to any project.Sara Mueller - Sales, Marketing, Business & Practice Development

In every project that we have recruited his expertise, Mark has shown professionalism, attention to detail, and a great desire to learn...Our customers have constantly raved about the quality of the material Mark has produced for us. It is my pleasure to recommend Mark's work and his company" ."Dr. Efrain Miranda - CEO, Clinical Anatomy Associates

During the time I worked with Mark at SmartScrubs, I found him to be hard working, dedicated and passionate. He truly wants to contribute to a team and organization to the fullest extent of his capabilities, and is always eager to explore opportunities to learn and grow. We relied on Mark's knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript at SmartScrubs, as well as his resourcefulness and diligence. Mark was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him without reservation.Beth Jim - Marketing Manager, SmartScrubs

While working for me Mark was able to learn to admin our SalesForce database and successfully implemented a full customer case management system in less than two months. In addition, Mark was able to reduce our overall monthly cost to utilize SalesForce. Mark excelled at redefining our site to keep up with current usability trends and applying effective security measures to greatly reduce threats to our online assets. Mark is fluent in current web technologies, the Adobe CC Suite, and has a great artistic sense for page layouts and color coordination.Tom Miller - VP of Marketing, Serious Integrated

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That's great...Now who are you?

MJZ Studios is named after me, Mark J. Zuptich. I'm a professional Web Designer and Developer with a former background in Graphic Design, Illustration, and Corporate Branding. In fact, there's not a lot of creative work I haven't done at some point. Heck, I'll even write your copy for you.

In short, I have over a decade of experience giving clients personalized solutions to their design puzzles and enjoying every single minute of it.

So why should I hire you?

I could spend all day going over the things I can do to make your website or brand identity soar, but I'll let my portfolio tell that story by itself. Instead I'll just tell you what I won't do and let you see for yourself how that sets me apart from much of the competition.

I will NEVER exceed your budget constraints without prior written consent. I understand that operating costs are as important to you as they are to me and I won't ever take advantage of your design needs.

I will NEVER slam you with hidden fees or overtime charges that you didn't see coming. You will always be notified in advance if there is a even a chance the work will go over the agreed budget. You will always know what you are getting at any given time and exactly what you are paying for it.

I will NEVER overbook or take on more than I can handle. Every client deserves the same respect; I won't leave you hanging to cater to more lucrative clients. I never judge you by how much I'm making from you.

If it's just you, why do the other pages say "we"?

I sometimes work with a small group of designers that I outsource to for various projects (that's the "we" in the other pages), but my clients all deal directly with me. You'll never be passed off to somebody else or find yourself with an account executive who knows nothing about your company. I take pride in the personal touch of my business and always want you to feel like your dealing with a someone, not a something.

What's up with the wolf in your logo?

The wolf is a respected symbol in many cultures and stands for several concepts and ideals that I value. In many Native American cultures, the wolf is regarded as a guardian and teacher, just as I strive to share my expertise and knowledge of design with you. In some cultures the wolf is a symbol of power and tenacity, and I won't back away or quit any design challenge. The most important and admirable quality of wolves may be their undying loyalty. It's this loyalty that I promise to each and every one of my clients.

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